Private House in Tbilisi Hills

The house is located in Tbilisi Hills – the new residential district in Krtsanisi. The place is at a far distance from the noisy and densely settlements of the city and is surrounded by panoramic views of nature.

Our site is placed on a sloped terrain that extends to a small valley, while encircled by an alluring forest. From the very beginning of the designing process, our main goal was to create a building volume that would fit perfectly with the surrounding environment and have an original architectural appearance. White color is used as a dominant element in the architecture of the whole district, therefore we have also used white as a definitive color. The overall building is assembled with white massive planes - some of which are partially open, from where fragments of nature become more clearly visible. The building stands out with its architectural design and contains big windows and wooden shutters that altogether add uniform lightness to the building, which eventually blends with the surrounding environment.

Architecture, Residential Architecture


2020 -


Under Construction


Krtsanisi, Tbilisi, Georgia


Private House


300 m2


Team of Architects
Nugo Dvalishvili, Anano Maisuradze

The project is a two-story residential house, where two brothers are set to live on each floor, independently with their families. For that reason, the plans are maximally tailored to the requirements of the clients, and both indoor and outdoor spaces are separately developed. 

The road is on the upper level of the site, therefore, both the garage and the entrance to the site will be arranged on the second floor. From here you can get either to the house located on the second floor or to the first floor, by taking a stairwell located in the yard.

Both the first and second floors have two bedrooms and a common space that combines the living room and the kitchen, an office, and restrooms. The outside staircase along with the indoor staircase act as connecting links between the two houses.

In addition, on the second floor, there is a guest lounge area with a separate entrance, a bedroom, and a bathroom. This part of the house is a console and presents the roofing for the entrance of the downstairs house.


Relatively below, at the edge of the valley, there is an infinity pool with a terrace from where splendid nature views arise. The pool and the terrace should be used by both families and that is why it is arranged at a distance from the building.

Therefore, besides all the private spaces, a new gathering space appears in the most suitable place on the site.